Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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today my 26th birthday.. plus anniversary 3 tahun kawin. wedding sama hari dengan my birhtday. tak sangka ek.. dahla lama kahwin. aku terbaca research dlm magz says that.. people attract to each other and fall in love due to some hormon (i.e adrenalin) but this hormon only last for three years.Means after that, we couldn't rely on our love only to survive with our relationship and days to days life.. we must take some actions to have that love agains.. emm.. might be right but take things positively.. the points is takbleh takes your relationship for granted. if you want your marriage to success, u must work hard on it..put some commitment. lagi lama kahwin lagi banyak effort kena amik utk pastikan that your love accounts tak kering.
aku suka konsep love accounts ni. it means, whenever ko buat something good toward your partner, you cash in some money to your love accounts, but bila marah or gaduh or ada salah apa2, you will widhraw some money from your love account. accounts yang negative yangg bahaya sebab bila dah takde apa2 dlm accounts, you have nothing about that relationship yang you hargai.
Agak setuju, lately im quite sensitive and terasa hati for litle2 thing. contoh klau minta tolong hubby agak lambat nak tolong or mcm tak nak tolong je.. terasa skit, bahasa kurang mesra pun terasa gak.. yer la mana nak sama dulu masa mula2 kawin tolong tutupkan pintu.. sekarang.. dah tak pandai nak tutup pintu ke.. amboi manisnya ayat.. haha.. tapi have to eveluate my side juga.. if u want thing to change, be the changes that you want. akupun dah sibuk ngan bby. everything bby will comes first. actually bleh je sebenarnya bila ada masa skit, cash in something to our love bank account. eg dulu slalu facialkan muka hubby,since ada bby tak pernah nak scrub
muka dia.. Breakfast pun jarang nak teman makan.. em.. have to do some changes.. good luck to me..

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