Saturday, February 20, 2010


Posted by Mrs Haiqal at 5:21 AM
i had already finish my master after 18 months of struggle.. however.. some funny thing happen. im suppose start working by January.. suddenly my faculty ask me to take leave until i got my scroll while the scholarship ask me to work.. memang pening.. so until today.. im staying at home.. helping The King doing the business.. prince and orincess hantar tadika.

sometime life full of unexpected things.. in my case.. imagine if we do not hv side income.. how are we gonna face our life when suddenly one of us hilang pendapatan... camane nak bayar rumah, 2 keta and support 2 anak and expenses lain..  memang perlu untuk ada back up income.. even you are in comfort zone.. sebab hidup memang di luar jangkaan.. 

business quit slow as we move to new house.. need some adjustment to adapt with new area.. tempat jauh dari orang so agak susah nak set aptment.. but sometime sume tu just excuses.. where is the will there is the way.. just kena betul2 arrange utk pegi n jumpa sapa..



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