Thursday, November 20, 2008

cuti dan cuti

Posted by Mrs Haiqal at 6:50 AM
starting last thursday.. aku dah start cuti for almost 45 days.. cuti semester.. class will start back on 2 january 2009...masa kerja dulu cuti paling lama 4 hari je.. sekarang.. my wish to have more time has comes true.. so, im gonna make full use of it.. start with list thing to do everyday..

for myself
1) susun all my books and file for the last sementer (done)
2) kemas brg baby kimi yang lama and organize baby stuff for this new baby.. takut bukak semester takde masa nak buat semua nih
3) kemas my room and create my dream list again.. collect picture and so on..
4) survey new hp or pda or pdaphone.. going to buy it this december.. aku mmg buta it.. susah btul..
5) bayar semua hutang PTPTN (done)
6) gantung frame baru yang dah lama terbengkalai
7) read lots of book.. target 3 books this holiday.. probably.. all 3 business books
8) start writing article on health yang dah lama terperap dalam otak ni..

for my hubby n kimi
1) kemas kimi toys, compile education material for him
2) kemas baju2 lama dia and simpan yang tak muat

for my business

1) make my list name, the person that i would like to meet and share
2) help my hubby to make 6 figure income permonth by next year..
3) make more many so i can give more later... tarhet my own 4 set by this months.. u can do it babe!!
4) tender loving care... remember that when im deal with my customer
5) buat iklan dalam magz wanita or utusan..
6) flyer yang aku angan2 kan bilala nak siap.. waaa



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